Like any other business, a school needs a solid branding scheme to sand out and be successful. Cal State San Marcos is no exception. Recently, they contacted us to apply their logo for a office wall sign to a freshly painted wall in the Dean of Students office. As an institution of higher learning, it was important to them that we ensure that their lobby wall sign visually convey a feeling of high end, premium craftsmanship as it is one of the first impressions cast upon students enrolling or attending the school.

Brushed Aluminum 1/4" thick, Detailed Logo

Brushed Aluminum 1/4″ thick, Detailed Logo

Construction of this office wall sign began with 1/4″ thick acrylic letters, to which we then applied a brushed silver aluminum laminate, providing the elegant and sophisticated look they desired. The logo itself measures in at 35 inches wide, with a height of 16.4 inches. The “Dean of Students Office” lettering was 47 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. Applying the office wall sign to the wall began with positioning the mounting template to ensure a perfect fit to the wall and proper placement of each element of the sign. Once satisfied with the positioning of the lobby sign, we then secured the lettering and logo to the way using VHB (very high bond) tape.

CSUSM Lobby Sign

CSUSM Lobby Sign

As with any office wall sign project, there are always challenges to be attended to. In this particular case, the obstacle to be surmounted was the need for meticulous precision in duplicating some of the smaller elements when crafting the logo, as well when applying adhesive to the walls.

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