Carlsbad, CA – Tasteful Corporate Wall Display for Office at Capella Flavors
The style of a company can be felt as soon as someone steps in the lobby door.  Having a dynamic feature wall to showcase the corporate products, sets a stylish, stunning display for all to see – and custom corporate wall display is an amazing way to dazzle your lobby—and make a great first impression!

Capella Flavors had recently relocated into a new building located in Carlsbad, CA, and were looking for a stylish way to dress up their lobby, and showcase their products.  Using a combination of frosted acrylic tiles, vinyl decals and aluminum cables we developed a corporate wall display that displayed an array of the flavors they produce.

Capella Flavors (based in Carlsbad, CA) is a company that creates various types of flavoring agents in the form of droplets, for various food and beverage flavor enhancement.

If you take a closer look at the pictures, you can see that this corporate wall display is so dynamic and visually appealing, it turned out to be a tasteful work of art, full of flavor (no pun intended)!  This corporate wall display features a label of a flavor bottle.  It visualizes some of the flavors they produce in their product line, and this proudly displays some of them.

Cable Wall Display

Cable Wall Display

This corporate wall display was mounted flush on the wall above the couch in the lobby reception area at Capella Flavors.  Each column is constructed of an aluminum matte finish frame system, forming eight separate columns, with 16 different cables total.  The frosted acrylic tiles are 8” square, and each column has five tiles, for a total of 40 tiles on the corporate wall display.

Each label artwork is custom printed with high resolution, layered with matte laminate for non-glare, contour cut and applied precisely on the front surface of the frosted acrylic tile.

Vibrant colors also add to the tasteful display.  Interspersed amongst the labels are some solid color tiles:  red, orange, yellow, green blue, tan brown, purple.  When viewed with the labels, it makes a stunning result.   These tiles were produced using clear acrylic tiles 1/8” thick, with the solid colors applied on the second (back) surface, back-mounted with white vinyl, for an added dimension, and overall “flavorful” look!
Overall, the display features (4) clips per tile, which totals 160 clips in all.  To align the grid pattern, each column is precisely measured and leveled, so that alignment is exact with our installation experts!

This custom corporate wall display is a great way to produce an art feature that is off-the-wall, adding dimension to the system.
From inception to completion, our design team worked to produce this corporate wall display on time for this client.  This project included design adjustments, contour cut files created for each art file, fabrication, installation to create the finished results.

This type of corporate wall display can be customized for just about any trade business to benefit from.  For example, a corporate office can showcase high-resolution images of their products, services or showcase testimonials from clients and customers.  Each can reflect the unique branding of the company, and display images that represent their own style.

Any reception area, lobby, waiting room can be an area to display artful displays, and market products in a way that is attractive and produce noticeable results.  Corporate wall displays using cable systems are just one way to help businesses promote themselves and their products.

If you are interested in this project, or have any questions, or an idea how you think cable corporate wall system could benefit your business, we would be more than happy to help you.  Just give us a call at 760-536-5454 to talk to one of our design experts!