The West Village complex in Carlsbad consists of the West Inn & Suites, as well as two great restaurants, Bistro West and West Steakhouse. A large parking lot is needed to accommodate both the hotel and restaurants. Clientèle arriving off the San Diego Freeway can get disoriented, and West Inn felt that some clear wayfinding signs were needed. They asked us to design six double-sided wayfinding signs, all with different directional messages, to install in their parking complex.

Check out the image to see one example of the six wayfinding signs we installed. White lettering and arrows on a black background affords excellent clarity. The white domed top displays the West logo, promoting the brand. We designed a sign that was informative yet also pleasing to the eye.

The West Inn & Suites Hotel is otherwise known as the Carlsbad CA Gem. They offer a top-rated service, and the luxury hotel is elegantly designed and reflects prestige. The company told us the product we delivered exceeded their expectations.

We produced the 1” thick aluminum panels to a height of 30” and length 28.5”. The aluminum posts are 2.25” square and 66” long. They were planted with concrete footings 2’ underground, ensuring they would hold fast during strong winds. We always take into account weather conditions when designing our outdoor wayfinding signs. This is why we anodized the surface of each sign with a baked enamel Duranodic Bronze finish. White reflective vinyl lettering ensured directions were clear and well formatted.

West Village Exit Signs

West Village Exit Signs

Wayfinding signs are a considerate gesture for customers using a company’s parking lot. They orient drivers so that they get to their destination safely. Parking accidents are reduced, while visitors feel more at home in an unfamiliar environment. At the same time, wayfinding signs provide a great reason to promote the company brand. North Coast Signs have years of experience producing effective wayfinding signage. We work with the client every step of the process, producing perfect results at competitive prices.

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