One of the most fun and creative things possible with the latest large format printing technology, is producing wall wraps and murals to change the atmosphere of any room. One of our most recent projects that truly fits that description, was to turn an ordinary industrial suite bathroom into a trip to the Oceanside pier. The palette for this job was about as stark as you could imagine. All white walls with the standard industrial restroom fixtures affixed. Definitely in desperate need of a makeover.  A custom wall wrap to the rescue!

The development of this project came from a brainstorm with the owners of North Coast Signs that the pier has a unique attribute about it – that is, it has two restrooms in small buildings attached to each side of the pier about halfway along its length. Since the small bathroom has four square and flat walls, an idea was borne – to stand in the middle of the pier between the two bathrooms and shoot photos of each side wall as well as the foot and end of the pier from that perspective. We then took the dimensions of the actual walls to be wrapped, and through the wonder of Photoshop, were able to adapt and scale each of the images to fit each designated wall with it’s unique ‘view’ image. This included shortening the length of the side walls to fit, and adjusting the scale of the front and back walls to create an accurate perspective for scale where the side walls and the pier railings meet.

Once designed, the images were printed using our HP Latex large format printer onto 3M self-adhesive vinyl. Since the latex inks contain no solvents and no VOC’s, the air in the small space was as fresh as the air on the pier on a clear day (well, almost – this is a bathroom, after all…). If you have a creative idea or even an inkling to transform your favorite room (or otherwise dull environment) into a lively and captivating, or serene and calming space, give North Coast Signs a call and let us help you make your vision come to life.