When you think about your signage needs, do you think only about the outside of the building? As Arcturus Therapeutics can tell you, North Coast Signs does so much more.

Our relationship with Arcturus began with the creation and installation of a lobby sign depicting their logo, followed by a conference room wall sign. They were so satisfied with our work that soon, we were creating nameplates and frosted vinyl for the office glass windows.

Then came the really fun project: they asked us to design, create and install a feature branding wall in their corporate office to reflect their image, branding, values, and corporate culture. Arcturus Therapeutics is a high-tech company, but their business is all about people. They specialize in using RNA technologies to treat disease and improve quality of life.

Under the client’s direction, our design team went to work using high-resolution stock photo images to illustrate their “Building Life” theme. We suggested the best way to combine those images into a beautiful collage, making use of different textures and materials for a striking multimedia effect. After the layout design and revision process was complete, we began production on the different media.

Take a look at the finished product in this photo. The panoramic nature scene graphics, distributed across three canvases, were custom printed in-house on our environmentally friendly large-format HP Latex printer (latex is less smelly and more environmentally-friendly than solvents…our business is all about people, too). We then mounted the custom canvas prints on 1/2” thick gallery frames in 20” x 24” and 28” x 28” sizes.

The matte look of the canvas is offset by the glossy look of the overlapped photo prints, which were done in a giclée technique with gloss laminate on 1/8” thick aluminum, in the following sizes:

· Elderly Couple: 10.75″ x 8″

· Bicyclist: 8.5″ x 11″

· Girl on Surfboard: 18″ x 12″

· Couple on Beach: 12″ x 7.75″

· Girl with Bubbles: 12″ x 8.5″

· Girl in Bed: 8″ x 10.5″

· Hiker Photo: 12″ x 8.25″

· Couple with Bicycle: 13.7″ x 9″

To complete the project, we provided Arcturus with a flush-mounted “Building Life” wall sign in custom dimensional lettering, in 1/4″ thick gray acrylic with brushed aluminum laminate (the capital letters are 6” high, for reference). Our installation service included all necessary templates, on-site layout, all mounting hardware, and a beautiful result.

Do you have a vision for your company, that reflects who you are? From concept and design to product and installation, we look forward to making your project – indoors or outdoors – a reality. Call North Coast Signs today at 760-536-5454