ADA signs are required to meet building codes.  For example, the ADA sign as seen in the photo is one that we recently installed at Buffini & Company, located in Carlsbad, CA.  They remodeled a new office space to move into, and all the ADA signage needed to be updated.

All business owners are required by law that proper signage is installed in order to meet building codes.  This includes all necessary ADA signs — from signs for restrooms, handicap areas, Braille, and more.   ADA signs can range in price, depending upon materials used — low-cost plastics adhered with double-stick tape, to customized signs using metals, bronze, etched glass to a combination of materials.  Some businesses like to have their signage reflect their branding, and use higher quality materials.  It all depends on what kind of business, and which solution works that is effective, durable and affordable.

ADA Restroom Sign for Buffini & Co.

ADA Restroom Sign for Buffini & Co.

The ‘ADA’ in ADA signs stands for Americans with Disabilities Act.  From Wikipedia, “The term ‘ADA Signs’ has come into common use in the architectural, construction and signage industries. Some people may think the term is the same as Braille signs, which have raised dot-shaped characters.”  It is a visible manifestation of the requirement by law for signs with Braille and raised characters are the most visible manifestation of the law requiring access to the built environment.  “The sign standards in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, or ADAAG, require much more than just Braille and raised characters on some signs.”

As shown in the image, an example of one ADA sign we created and installed for a restroom at Buffini & Company, located in Carlsbad, CA.  These type of ADA signs can be custom made from cut metals, etched glass, to low-cost plastics or from any other material and technique combinations.  It all depends on what type of business you have, the branding and image on your signage for all choices of quality materials.

At North Coast Signs, we can help provide ADA signs, compliant to code, and all your signage needs.  Just give us a call at 760-536-5454.

Client Bio
Buffini & Company was started by Brian Buffini, and he has built a “powerful referral system that helped him become one of the top Realtors in the nation. In 1995, he started Buffini & Company to share these highly acclaimed lead-generation strategies with others. Now the number–one Coaching and training company in North America, Buffini & Company equips real estate, lending, and service industry professionals with tools to dramatically increase business while living a balanced life.