The Kia Classic is an annual golf tournament promoting the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) drawing players and visitors from around the world to Aviara Golf Course in Carlsbad, CA. Each year, great sponsors like Kia Automotives require special event aluminum signs to guide the public along the course to interact with the sponsors and vendors.

The Kia line of cars are displayed in strategic areas of the course, and one even floats on the lake!  It’s quite a site.  And some are more accessible for visitors to open the doors and sit inside the new models.  The special event aluminum signs we designed are to help visitors “Discover the New Kia” and interact with the sponsor with a call-to-action steps outlined on the signs.

Along the course, there are several kiosks with the call-to action signs where participants can scan their card, receive a prize, and also enter a grand drawing.  It benefits both the participants and the sponsors.  It’s a motivating course, and fun to walk to each kiosk location, following the path to winning!

To help promote this event, we provided highly visible metal double-sided custom signs.  Each panel is 3mm thick dibond, with the vinyl printed graphics mounted to each side.  The vinyl prints were UV laminated to protect from the elements, and endure the course of the tournaments.  The sign panels stand in an aluminum universal sign stand, with top bolts to keep the sign sturdy and able to stand firm in the walkway to direct the public.   The result are beautiful special event aluminum signs!

Aluminum Signs - Double Sided

Aluminum Signs – Double Sided

The two panels stood 18” wide x 48” tall, to fit appropriately for the stand.

The sign is an efficient, highly visible, and successful outdoor solution for this event.

The black background stands out on the greens, along with the contrasting white text.  Not hard to miss!  The Kia brand is displayed prominently, and the artwork reproduced clearly with high-resolution.

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Shuttle Sign Front

Shuttle Sign Front

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Shuttle Sign Base Close Up

Shuttle Sign Base Close Up