When coordinating an office move, signage is an important part of the move.  Recently, we were contacted by Homewatch Caregivers for their new office location.  We had done the vinyl wall signs  and window graphics for their previous location, and now they needed new signage tailored to fit the new location.  The images in this article show the overall results, which are consistent with their corporate branding.

Homewatch Caregivers located in Carlsbad, CA,  is a leading care provider that specializes in care for the elderly, as well as care for individuals with chronic conditions like ALS, Alzheimers, dementia, and other issues common among the senior population.   The owner, Tanya Finnerty, runs a top-notch service business, and provides understanding compassion, and assistance to families needing such resources.  They build relationships with their clients, that endure the transition of needing in-home assistance.  And they also build relationships with other businesses, like us, as we partner together to help them get re-established after a move.

Similarly to their previous signage, we designed window graphics to fit the new windows with their custom logo, hours, and information so all who come to this location know where to find them.  For all business parks, we also acquire the Landlord or HOA approval prior to production.

 Homewatch Window Graphics Carlsbad CA

Homewatch Window Graphics

Inside the lobby, we measured the walls and scaled their logo to fit the wall appropriately.  As they wanted vinyl wall signs that adhered directly to the recently painted walls, we needed to perform a vinyl wall test to verify the paint has had enough time to cure.  If not, the graphics would fail.  In California, the lo VOC paints take 30-90 days to cure. After the wall test, we determined which adhesive grade of vinyl would be the best choice, and provided an estimate with a design proof.  The design proof shows the actual photo of the lobby, with how the vinyl wall sign will look on the wall.  Also, wall signs located inside the premises do not require approvals other than the customer, so once we had the approval from the owner, we went into production.

There are a variety of vinyl choices for signage projects – from printed to pigmented – as well as various adhesive grades.  At North Coast Signs, we use only the top quality products available to ensure long-lasting results to help your business thrive!

If you are interested in vinyl wall signs and window graphics, or any other type of signage for your business, we’ll be happy to discuss options available for your space.  Also, exterior signs may have a sign criteria to follow, and landlord sign specifications listed in the lease agreement.

We do our best to make sure business signs follow the criteria, and look like the sharpest on the block!  To learn more, give North Coast Signs a call at 760-536-5454.