When Pulse Electronics moved its headquarters to a new location, the company called on us to create signage for it, including a custom building sign for the exterior. The new Pulse building goes perfectly with its high-tech aesthetic. It features a lot of modern glass, which we wanted to highlight and keep visible in our sign design.


Pulse Electronics is an electronic components manufacturer and retailer, working in the communications, power management, military and aerospace, and automotive industries. They are an innovative company and operate on a global scale. San Diego is lucky to have Pulse Electronics in our midst, and our team North Coast Signs was delighted to work with this industry leader.


Custom Building Sign on Glass Building

Custom Building Sign on Glass Building

We knew that with such a beautiful building on which we’d be installing the custom building sign, our attention to every detail mattered. Like we do with every client, we consulted with Pulse in depth to determine what the company was looking for in terms of budget, aesthetic, size, and timeframe. With that information, we created a design proof for our contacts at Pulse. With their approval, we manufactured the sign to the specifications and prepared it for installation at the location.


The custom building sign we created for Pulse Electronics is cut in 1/2” thick white acrylic. We applied a matte white painted finish to that acrylic, offering a contrast to the shiny, bright glass background. Dimensional letters show the company’s logo and name without blocking the glass with a background image or material, so this was a great balance between the sign and the building itself.


We created a mounting template for the letters to ensure perfection in installation. We used VHB tape and silicone to mount the sign’s logo and letters to the building, ensuring it will stand up to the elements and keep looking spectacular to create a good first impression for visitors to the Pulse location. To have the sign installed easily, we included a 40’ boom lift rental with delivery. Every detail matters at all stages of a sign project, and we take care of those details – large and small.


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