Over time, exterior signs need an upgrade to keep looking fresh and a vibrant image of your business branding.  Custom building signs can be fabricated out of several materials — from plastics to metals — and each have different life spans.   Some last 3-5 years, and some 5-10 years, and beyond.  Elements in the weather location can be determining factors to the life of custom building signs.

Old Building Sign

Old Building Sign

In sunny San Diego, one custom building sign needed an upgrade.  It had undergone a repair in years past, but now one of the letters had fallen off, and the best way to rectify the situation was for a brand new sign where all the letters and colors matched.  The business, King Lee, has been a long-time tenant in the building, owned by H.G. Fenton.  They came to us for a solution with quality materials that would endure.

North Coast Signs presented different options, but ultimately the customer decided upon Formed Plastic with the flat face (not rounded) which has a more professional look.

Formed Plastic Building Sign

NEW Formed Plastic Building Sign

We created a proof of what the new sign would look like.  The new letters would be from formed plastic in light and dark blue coloring to match the King Lee branding colors.  Formed Plastic has a UV stable CAB plastic with a lifetime warranty against discoloration or fading, so our clients would not have to worry about weathering or damage in the future! It would be installed stud-mounted in dark and light blue

North Coast Signs took care of the removal and disposal of old original building sign, as well as patched and painted the building’s facade.   The new sign looks fresh, and the upgrade certainly exceeded expectations!

In the photo, you can see the finished custom building sign for this tenant of the H.G. Fenton property in San Diego, located at 8949 Kenamar Drive.

Are you searching for building signs, or business signs?  Give the experts at North Coast Signs a call to help develop a custom building sign package that will exceed your expectations!  North Coast Signs uses quality materials, and provides a high standard of customer service.  There is a wide variety of materials and options for varying budgets.

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