There are a lot of decisions to be made when building a custom lobby sign. Beginning with the design of the sign, we decide on a perfect size, materials to be used and installation. We take all of these factors into account when creating a new sign for our customer. Our creativity and experience with materials specific to the sign industry will help create a unique sign that will set you apart from the competition. Our featured client, Technet is a great example of all the steps required to complete a sign project.

Creating a custom lobby sign involved providing several options for materials. Samples such as acrylic, PVC, laminates and foam helped Technet decide on Gatorfoam as their final choice. We used ½” inch foam with an aluminum laminate face to create reflective qualities. The edges were painted silver and the colored arch was matched to the specified Pantone orange used in their logo.

During this time a site survey was made at their location to measure the wall area and check for any issues that might come up during installation.

We wanted the dimensional sign to fit the wall space correctly. With that in mind, the sign was made 54 inches wide and installed at eye level. The result was a professional look that catches attention as you enter the lobby.

For installation, a mounting pattern was made and centered on the wall. Once the accurate mounting location was determined, the dimensional letters were flush mounted to the wall using the industrial grade VHB tape. The final product displays an appealing, professional look in the Technet lobby.


Building a professional brand is not an easy task. At North Coast Signs our specialty is manufacturing custom signage for any type of business or industry. Lobby signs are just one of our specialties; we have the knowledge and experience to create and develop your brand as well as market your company.

When building your brand, consider storefront signage, vehicle graphics and interior signs to help you promote your business.

Technet is a southern California company that specializes in designing, installing and maintaining your network infrastructure. Regardless of size or complexity, Technet can help your network system. We highly recommend giving them a call for all of your network system needs.

Assisting Technet in their sign project was a great experience for us at North Coast Signs, we look forward to helping with their future signage.

If you’re looking for a similar sign, or any type of custom sign, give the team at North Coast Signs a call at 760-536-5454