For this business located just a couple blocks from the beach, a surfboard sign seems apropos.   When the owner of Pacific Coast Construction contacted us for a custom sign in a surfboard shape, we caught the wave!

Custom signs, and custom shaped signs are a great way to uniquely brand your image.  For a business located near the beach, it makes alot of sense to have a surf-theme surfboard-shaped signs.

Custom Surfboard Sign for Pacific Coast Construction

Custom Surfboard Sign for Pacific Coast Construction


We designed the graphic per the customer’s ideas to create the custom sign.  Then we printed in four-color with a wood-grain background to add to the effect.  Printed the graphic on our HP26500 latex printer, laminated for outdoor durability and UV protection for longevity.  Using 1″ thick white pvc, we cut one board out to 6′ (24″ x 72″)  and another to 5′ (22″ x 60″.  We mounted the vinyl prints to each surfboard shape.  Awesome! 

Then we installed one above the front door, the other on the side of the building. Safe and secure. 

When developing the concept for a custom sign, there are alot of sign materials to choose from.  PVC comes in a rainbow of colors, and we can virtually cut to most any shape.

If you need a custom shaped sign (like a surf board, etc.) or any other type of sign for your business, just give us a call at 760.536.5454.