Tenants come and go. So signage needs to change as well. Often times, resurfacing existing monument signs with new tenant information is one of the services we provide.

A common request to resurface signs comes from property managers of office buildings, business parks, residential complexes, and many other buildings where new tenants move in and out and office spaces change.

IMG_20131111_131135For this customer, RF Surgical (http://www.rfsurg.com), located in Carlsbad, CA, they were a new tenant in the building. Like the image, many exterior monument signs have replaceable panels with sections, and are built modularly. To resurface the sign is the most economical solution, rather than replacing the entire sign that requires city permits, drawings, costs. However, to resurface an existing monument sign, a new city permit is not required, and the overall cost is lower.
Perhaps your monument sign is outdated or old, so it would make sense to replace or update it. If you’re not sure if your current sign can be recycled, give us a call and we can help you explore options available for your location.
How it’s constructed: On this monument sign, the prior tenant’s sign needed to be removed, and updated with the new tenant name and logo. We made the new sign panels from aluminum frames, matching the paint to the existing structure. The customer’s logo was custom cut out of black acrylic. The customer’s icon was custom painted blue in the matching Pantone color to maintain brand consistency.
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