Capella lobby sign

Lobby signs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is a wide array of styles and ways to take a company’s logo and create an amazing sign. The range can be from basic, to stylized and custom.

At North CoCapellLobbyClose_loast Signs, we create impactful and dynamic lobby signs that can make a first impression that reflects your brand image. We start with your style guide for your brand, and create consistency in the font, colors, sizing for the lobby sign.

Some factors to consider in planning a lobby sign for your business or office space are the budget, size/type, and design. In considering how long your business will display it’s sign, it’s a top budget item to invest in a quality lobby sign – which can range from a few hundred, up to a few thousand dollars.

Next, materials factor into how to fabricate the custom lobby sign to bring dreams into reality. There is a large array of materials including acrylic, pvc, metals, wood, aluminum, laminates, foam, and more.

When Capella Flavors (located in Carlsbad, CA) contacted us about signage for their new location, we started with a site survey taking photos and measurements. Then we create a proof on the computer showing how the logo will look as a reception wall sign.capellalobbysignsideclose_lo

Capella Flavors makes a wide variety of flavoring drops used for food and beverages. There can be an infinite amount of flavors and pairings, we wanted to create a sign that was unique and imaginative. More than a simple dimensional letters, we wanted to create something that reflected their brand image. In this case, their logo had multiple layers and drop shadows. We designed their sign have several dimensions to display each layer element. We started with the back panel with a brushed metal laminate, then went layer by layer with different thicknesses of acrylics in their specific Pantone colors to fabricate a masterpiece.

As you can see in the pictures, the bottom layer is a 1/2″ thick piece of white PVC, with painted black matte edges, and brushed aluminum laminate. Working upwards to the next layer is made from 1/8” thick PVC, painted tan to create tan shadow in between the white and the brushed aluminum layer. On top of that is the next layer fabricated out of 1/4″ thick white acrylic, as the white stroke or outline around the Capella lettering.

Finally, the top layer features the actual Capella lettering made from 1/4″ clear acrylic direct printed on the second surface with the gradient that transitions from black to red.

All four layers compile the main Capella logo, and the tagline words are individual dimensional letters cut out of ½” thick black acrylic that state: CONCENTRATED (above the logo) and FLAVORS (below the logo). All the layers were precisely mounted together in one piece. The overall size is custom 61.25″ wide x 22.5″ high — truly magnificent looking lobby sign with a lot of eye-catching qualities. When fully fabricated, it was time for installation.


It was a challenge for the lobby sign to hang against a brushed metal wall, without making any holes in the wall. As the ceiling wa
s a drop ceiling, it wouldn’t support a suspension system. Our solution was to have a wall-mounted rails run at the top of the wall that support stainless steel cables (40 lbs.) The solution worked out well, suspending the lobby sign as if it was hanging from the wall itself. Firm and secure, displayed in good light, like a piece of art!

As you can see from the photos in this article, the finished lobby sign is very colorful and unique. Adding multiple layers increases visual attractiveness, and adds dimension to bring the logo to life! By layering multiple layers of acrylics, pvc and vinyl, and custom gradient, we were able to achieve a very high end looking sign.

About Our Client:

Capella Flavors is a company that creates various types of flavoring agents in the form of droplets, for various food and beverage flavor enhancement, and is based in Carlsbad. Check out their website for an array of information on their flavor offerings.

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