When a business wants to turn an idea into reality, they look to professionals to get it done right. Our team at North Coast Signs is filled with creative people who can find solutions to an array of problems. When Aquatic Design Group wanted to bring their vision to reality,  we knew that we could help them out. The project involved creating 3D letters for they lobby.

Aquatic Design Group, located in Carlsbad, CA, was looking for a new look in their lobby.  Their logo had changed, and they wanted to remove the old letters, and replace with 3D letters for a stunning lobby sign.  The issue was the back reception wall was a textured foam wall, and removing the old letters would leave holes that needed to not show.  While drafting out the design for their lobby, created a custom template for the wall to ensure that each 3D letter would be at an even depth at all times so that all letters were level (despite the wavy surface).  And cover up the previous holes.

lobby-sign-side_crop_loWe created their logo out of solid acrylic letters that measured ½ inch thick, 15 inches tall, and 60 inches long overall. To create the gradient, we applied a printed vinyl graphic in the Pantone Blue Color to match their branding, and applied matte laminate.  The print was applied to the face of each individual 3D letter, and trimmed precisely around each letter.  When we installed the sign, each stud- was leveled so it looked as if it was floating off of the wall.  Which adds to the feel of their brand –aquatic — to reflect their image.  Aquatic Design Group offers engineering envisions and architecture for the Carlsbad, CA area.

Lobby signs are a great way to engage your visitors and give them an insight to your brand. A lobby sign with 3D letters can be fitted on practically any surface, and even suspended from the ceiling. Because lobby signs are individual to your business, they can be customized in a large variety of ways, materials, colors,

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