Banners.  We have all seen them; the faded, weather beaten signs where only squinted eyes can make out the name and logo. Not only is this banner undesirable to the customer, it also weakens possible business for companies. This is where we, at North Coast Signs come to the rescue; offering banners and event signs that serve a higher purpose.

Coast Kids Preschool in Carlsbad, CA provides children with opportunities to grow by offering a high-quality program that is built upon a partnership between the child, teacher, and family. We wanted to help the preschool promote this high quality program by providing them with an equally high quality sign that would attract people to their school. In the past, banners had been a permanent fixture of their marketing effort. However, the persistent sunny days of California and windy conditions caused the previous banners to deteriorate too quickly. Their message was increasingly difficulty to read over time and people’s eyes were getting tired of squinting. This was a less-than-desirable presentation for a preschool that stands for such high quality. They were in need of a sign that matched their mission.

And match their mission we did. North Coast Signs worked with the school to identify the ideal location for optimum visibility. To ensure a prominent presence, we created a test print of larger letters that enabled the sign to be visible from a neighboring street ¼ mile away. We then refined the design to create a more inviting graphic by incorporating their logo, which included line art of two kids playing on the beach. By including the logo, we were able to create not only a sign that was pleasurable to look at but one that touched the heart strings.

The new sign was printed on our large format printer on 3M calendared vinyl with overlaminate to provide added UV protection. It was then mounted to a lightweight aluminum composite panel custom sized to exactly fit the desired location on a fence between two slate pillars. The panel was attached to the aluminum fencing using stainless steel screws for long-term stability. The result: A more attractive, durable and compelling sign to invite new enrollment for the kids of the future for years to come.