In October many businesses are looking for a chance to contribute to raising awareness on Breast Cancer. Courtesy Chevrolet was looking to do this in a spectacular way and North Coast signs was thrilled to assist them in their goal.

At North Coast Signs, the design team worked to create a vibrant building wrap that strongly promoted the Breast Cancer Awareness cause by giving their building a hot pink vinyl material. This tradition started last year, and we are gladly going into the second year. The newly wrapped Chevy building now has an attention grasping look that is sure to be a success.

Building Wrap2_lolo

From this image, the final product is displayed clearly. The buildings bright tone accompanied by a large product brings this solution into an elegant finish that is sure to gain exposure. Because this piece will be so effective, the message will span to the entire community. From the comparison below, you can see the transformation that the building went through to continue their tradition. We know the cause will be much more relevant in their community because of the bold and elegant building wrap that is now present.

A great way to advertise your business is by giving your building a compelling graphic or image. These additions can promote sales, events, and information about your company. With our expert design team, North Coast Signs can take on any signage or wrap project that you give us. Installing a new sign is an investment that almost always pays off because it gives your business the exposure it needs to be relevant in your community. We have many color and material options for your wrap or sign that is sure to fit your business. For any additional information about this project or any other, give us a call at (760)536-5454. We are eager to start your next signage project today.