Lotus Custom Racing Stripe

Lotus Custom Racing Stripe

Challenge: Apply custom racing stripes to a brand new exotic sports car to enhance the sports aesthetic of the vehicle, and meet the expectations of a customer that expects only the best quality designs.

Isn’t it absolutely amazing what a little bit of art can do on a luxury vehicle?  Just look at the image above.  When an owner of a local computer software company in San Diego County came to North Coast Signs, we accepted this challenge.  He wanted to add some pizazz to his brand new Lotus Evora.
Referred by an existing client, he envisioned a custom racing stripe for his new pride and joy, but wasn’t exactly sure how to make it work.  The Lotus Evora called for a clean design for it’s natural allure, without going over the top. Our design began with various ways to capture a classic stripe pattern to bring his idea to reality.

Selecting a classic broad racing stripe of the past, with pinstripes on either side gave a modern, classy look.   Following the natural body lines of the hood and roof line, we added a small twist to make the graphic flow seamlessly.

After a look at several samples of materials:  silver variations, black gloss, matte and metallic finish options. The winner was a gloss black metallic 3M premium material (with a metal flake size practically identical to the flakes in the factory blue paint). Using art, skill, and specialty installation tape to protect the vehicle during the process, the stripes were adhered to the compound curve in the hood and roof.  The entire installation process took nearly a full day to complete.

With awestruck wonder, the owner was thrilled with the result!  Even the Lotus dealer couldn’t believe the stripes weren’t original paint!  He continues to get compliments from every turn and bend in the road.  Now, it screams visually as much as it does on the highway.