Are you searching for a local sign company to design and install an amazing exterior building sign for the front of your building or storefront?

The team at North Coast Signs specializes in exterior building signs, in addition to all kinds of other signage.  We understand how important it is to make a memorable lasting impression by putting your best foot forward with quality signage.  A proper building sign reflects the brand image of the company, and gives building identification to direct clients and prospects to find the business location easily.

In this article, you will see the photos of the building sign that we recently produced.  The customer, COOLA, approached us to design the sign, as they had just moved in to the newly constructed building.  COOLA is a sun care company that specializes in eco-friendly products that are sustainable and organic.  If you enjoy the sun, you should take a look at their product line since the environmentally friendly ingredients set their brand superior to others.  Taking care to protect your skin from the effects of the sun is vital especially in sunny Southern California.

COOLA’s headquarter building is located in Carlsbad, CA (just a few blocks from our sign business).  We first met for a consultation with sign samples, an performed a site survey to take photos and measurements of the building.  The COOLA logo has a fairly simple lettering style in their branded shade of blue.  No gradients or images, just solid blue which streamlines the process.

Exterior Building Sign for COOLA

Exterior Building Sign for COOLA

To create a design proof for a building sign, usually all we need is the logo (in vector format), and photos of the building taken straight (no angles.)  The proof helps the customer see how the sign will look on the building and decide on size and placement.  We created a design proof using our graphics programs that can match Pantone colors perfectly. We scaled the logo for the building, according to City of Carlsbad Sign Criteria.

Next, the decision needs to be made about what materials to use to fabricate the building sign.  There are many choices.  Each choice is a different cost, so considering the budget is important in deciding which option works for you.  In this case, the decision was for Formed Plastic.  It is a lightweight, weather-resistant material with a lifetime warranty against breakage.  The style has a flat front face (not rounded edges), in the custom font and matching branding blue Pantone color. 

Building Sign for COOLA

Building Sign for COOLA

Before we began production, we attained the sign permit from the City of Carlsbad, giving their approval.  After 3-4 weeks, the sign was produce and ready for installation. 

In planning the install, we needed to navigate around a large awning in the front of the building, so we brought in a 60’ straight boom lift – machinery that helps us reach installation areas like these.  The placement on the building front has the maximum visibility and shows from a far distance that COOLA is located here!  The letters were firmly attached with studs attached to the back of the letters, and drilled into the building façade using a custom drill pattern.  The results are simply beautiful.

Since this sign does not illuminate, the installation went quickly without having to connect any electrical wiring and such.  But it is very common for exterior building signs to have illumination with LED lighting, which is a cost-effective option to other lighting options.

If you’re looking for exterior building signage, whether it’s electrical or non-electrical, give us a call!  Our helpful team can guide you through the decision making process of design and materials.  If you have any questions about this project, or any other type of building sign, feel free to give us a call at 760-536-5454.  We’re looking forward to working with you to bring your signage dreams to life!