One of our regular customers is the City of Carlsbad. We’ve done a lot of work for them in the past, including vehicle graphics and recycle bin wraps. Recently, they asked us to create some frosted vinyl window graphics. Frosted vinyl not only looks attractive, but gives an air of respectability to a municipal office. As always, we were pleased to help.

Frosted vinyl wall graphics create the look of sandblasted or etched glass, but without damaging the windows. They are easily applied and can be produced to sizes that fill the entire window. They are attractive but don’t shout so loud as colored vinyl. Even small-print text can be produced in frosted vinyl, which makes them ideal for blocks of information. For the City of Carlsbad, this was a determining factor for their final choice of materials.

Frosted Vinyl Windows

Over the years we have built up a great working relationship with the people at the City of Carlsbad. They know precisely what they want and offer clear instructions. We make it happen! Some clients need help developing their ideas, and that is one of the lovely parts of the sign business. However, it’s nice to get clear instructions too. After working with them for a while, we can see how City of Carlsbad employees do a great job of serving the citizens of Carlsbad. We value our commercial relationship with them and the City of Carlsbad, very highly.

In terms of transparency, frosted vinyl falls between clear and opaque. We print all our frosted vinyl window graphics in-house, using only state-of-the-art machinery. Etched glass adhesive is used to create frosted vinyl wall graphics. These adhesives can be difficult to apply, so it’s better to have them installed by professionals. A spray bottle of water and a rubber squeegee may not seem like the most sophisticated tool kit, but getting these adhesives perfectly placed on the wall, with no wrinkles or bubbles, is a skill it takes time to acquire.

Frosted Vinyl Windows

One advantage of frosted vinyl wall graphics is that they showcase the corporate brand while offering a degree of privacy. You can use frosted vinyl in all manner of places. They make great lobby signs, ADA signs, even storefront and building signs. Make your business premises stand out in San Diego or Carlsbad with a frosted vinyl corporate sign. And, if you ever need to change them, it’s easy to do and you don’t have to replace the pane of glass, as you would with actual etched glass.

For that touch of stylish elegance, consider installing our frosted vinyl wall graphics to your premises. For an informal chat, call us during business hours on 760.536.5454 and we’ll be happy to help. You can also request a free quote by filling in our simple online form.

Written by: North Coast Signs – San Diego, CA