Talk about a before and after transformation!  Just look at the “before” photo vs. the “after” photo.  When our customer, Flood Med Restoration, (  called us for a full van wrap, we didn’t know we’d be performing full cosmetic surgery to get the awesome results we did.

Cars get old, just like we do.  Yet, walking into a doctor’s office to order a new set of skin on our 65th birthday just isn’t an option.  Well, not yet.

But, with vehicles – cars, trucks, vans, etc. — you can!

1998 Chevy Van Wrap for Flood Med

AFTER Van Wrap 1998 Chevy  for Flood Med

Often referred to as “skins,”  vehicle wraps are a great way to get your business noticed.

In cases like this one, wraps can be a great way to save your business money, too.  Getting a full vehicle wrap can transform your old vehicle into a marketing centerpiece for your business, and for utility vehicles like this one that are on the road 24/7, there is no more cost-effective method of advertising on a cost per impression basis!

BEFORE Van Wrap for Flood Med

BEFORE Van Wrap for Flood Med

Originally brought to us, the 1998 Chevy van was quite a good candidate for a full van wrap.  Quite like the ‘Before’ picture, the underlying paint was in decent condition, but have the expected share of dings and scrapes.  Those can make a wrap a challenge, as anything you can see in paint, will show up under the wrap.  So, before we could wrap it, we recommended the client have some bodywork done to the van (patch and primer) to basically resurface so it would be ready for vinyl application.

Just like doctors can perform miracles, our expert designer and installer did an awesome

1998 Chevy Van Full Wrap Side

AFTER  Van Full Wrap Side Chevy 1998 Van Wrap

job giving it an overhaul.  It looks like paint, but it’s not.  Even the Chevrolet Logo in the grill was covered in a red vinyl, to give it a “red cross” feel to go along with the company’s name, Flood Med.  A total transformation accomplished!

BEFORE Van Wrap Rear Doors

BEFORE Van Wrap Rear Doors

Materials Used:  3M IJ180 Cast Control Tac with matching 8518 Gloss Over-Laminate for UV protection

Is your vehicle in need of a facelift?  Consider new signage as an excellent and affordable way to update your look and strengthen your brand.  Van wraps.  Car wraps.  Truck wraps.  Fleet wraps.  North Coast Signs does it all!  Just give us a call at 760-536-5454.

AFTER Van Wrap Rear Doors

AFTER Van Wrap Rear Doors