Having proper signage to direct visitors is vital to the flow of every property. When La Costa Canyon High School reached out to us for a new school sign for their school campus, we rose to the occasion! Keeping consistent with their branding, we provided a spectactular sign for school campus.

Our team recognizes the need for consistency with branding colors, logo, and fonts when designing wayfinding signs for schools, in particular. Legible from a distance, and inviting with style and color.

Upon driving onto the campus, the welcome sign greets visitors in the heart of the campus in front of the administration building. It has the shade of dark green and navy blue, with white text, with the Mavericks logo. This is the first or many signs to welcome and guide the way to this beautiful campus, La Costa Canyon High School – which is a leading high school in Carlsbad.

As you can see in the image in this article, the finished result of a beautiful sign that accomplished all their goals.

The materials to produce the sign were only the best! The custom graphic was printed on premium quality exterior vinyl, with grafitti resistant laminate, mounted to a composite aluminum sign panel. The measurements of the panel are 16” tall x 48” wide, which fits inside the existing frame that once was the check-in sign. The new sign presents a fresh look for all campus visitors – including new prospective students, parents, teachers, and more. It’s the first of many welcome signs for schools that guide the way!

LCCHS Exterior Sign

LCCHS Exterior Sign

A welcome school sign can be in all sorts of sizes, and locations on the campus. Large campuses, government buildings, multi-tenant complexes, and business parks can be confusing where their entry and exit points are located. Having proper signage helps organize the flow of traffic, and provide ease for all who venture on the property.

If you are looking for signs for schools, reach out to the experts at North Coast Signs. We will provide design, production and installation a sign package that meets goals, as well as the specific style of your brand. Let us help with all the signage needs — schedule your free consultation today at 760-536-5454.