The signage industry can be quite hi tech.  But, not as hi tech as a recent client of ours, Triton Micro Technologies, located in Carlsbad, CA .

Having newly relocated to a new office building, they needed a signage package:  lobby sign, front window graphics, and an exterior building sign.  Maintaining consistency to their brand image, we used their company logo and recreated it in three forms, three different ways for each application.

obby Sign for Triton Micro Tech

Lobby Sign for Triton Micro Tech

For their lobby sign, used pigmented 1/4″ colored acrylic to recreate the font and blue colors of their logo.  We installed it on the main interior entry wall with flush mounting hardware.  Next, we printed and cut the logo for window graphics using vinyl, laminated with UV protection to endure the elements, and installed it on their front door glass.  Finally, the exterior non-electric building sign, made from painted acrylic, was installed to identify their new location.

Each step of the way — from design, production, installation, and even acquiring the city permits — we can help create corporate signs that match your corporate branding.

If you need any office signage, lobby sign, window graphics, or building sign, give us a call!

Building Sign for Triton

Building Sign for Triton Micro Tech

Window Graphics for Triton Microtech, Carlsbad

Window Graphics for Triton Micro Tech, Carlsbad