Project: Monument Sign, Directional Signs, Building Address Signs

Attractive signage can draw in new tenants to a new business park.  When TNP Real Estate asked North Coast Signs to produce a monument sign and multiple types of signage for The Campus at Copley in San Diego. For three campus buildings, we created custom address number signs, directional signs in the parking lot with exit signs, and at the property entrance a large monument sign with a tenant listing.

The materials used for the new monument sign were aluminum, measuring at 6′ tall.   For cohesive branding across all the signage, it was painted the same custom PMS color as the other signs.   The monument sign had stylish dimensional lettering and cut-outs enhanced the design overall.   At North Coast Signs, we verify the monument sign we create is permitted with the City, and meets the sign codes.

Address Number Panel

Address Number Panel

Monument Sign - Aluminum

Monument Sign – Aluminum

Each of the three campus buildings had two address number signs.  These were created on 3mm thick Dibond, with vinyl prints with UV laminate.  Each sign measured 38″ tall x 62″ wide, with the numbers 15.5″ tall.  Each sign was flush-mounted to the buildings securely.

Similarly, the directional and exit signage were produced using 3mm thick Dibond, with vinyl prints with UV laminate. Each of the posts and sign backs were painted a complimentary shade of black.

Notice in the image the completed and installed monument sign.  The consistent blue color throughout all the signage, with matching fonts and style.  Consistent branding is key to signage. background.

In the photos, you’ll see the directional signage installed in the parking lot.  Navigating the public through a parking lot is instrumental to creating safety and assistance in areas where wayfinding is necessary.

Directional Signs in Parking Lot

Directional Signs in Parking Lot

At North Coast Signs, we enjoy achieving exceptional results for our clients.  We are full-service, one-stop for all signage needs for corporate, commercial, retail clientele.  We use only the highest quality materials, and our expert staff work to develop everything you need from concept to completion.  Offering a high impact visual statement is our goal.  If you are looking for a monument sign, or other types of signage for your business, please give us a call at 760.536.5454.